Location monitoring

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App GPS Monitoring allows you to quickly monitor your child, friend, parents, staff, find friends.

  • Completely free and without ads.
  • Unlimited number of zones arbitrary shape. Unlimited number of tracked. Watch the movements of the child, the beloved, elderly parents, relatives and co-workers online.
  • You can set the boundaries beyond which a notification will be sent to all tracking phones.
  • Minimum battery consumption. Yes, we have made consumption less 2%.
  • The ability to turn off silent mode. You will always find your phone in silent mode, abandoned in the apartment. And I will call you beloved, which I forgot to turn the sound on the phone.
  • The lack of chaotic movements than suffer all the children's watches
  • You и все отслеживающие получат мгновенное уведомление если ребенок нажал "тревожную кнопку". В перспективе сигнал SOS can be sent to all nearby users of the app. For example, all participants in the chat class, then Your child will help the nearest parent.
  • For corporate clients the opportunity to see all employees on one screen. To get information who is where. When he came, when he left.
  • Use maps OpenStreetMap, Google or Yandex – your choice.

Attention: To run in the background for phones with IOS MIUI, you need to enable AutoPlay (Settings → Resolution → Other permissions → Harlik.GPS → Run in the background).

Questions and answers

Why free?
How much is your peace of mind? Priceless! :-)
The story began with what came to me my wife with fear in her eyes: "the son went to school and didn't call, got not responding to calls". My first thought was to buy a children's watch. Bought. Tested: location "прыгает" в радиусе десяти километров в течение нескольких минут. Оказывается это болезнь всех детских часов. Выкинул. Put a few dozen applications on the phone, two results: or discharge the battery for a couple of hours or accuracy of the same children's hour. Let's write ourselves a team and have a desire to make the world better, and our wives calmer. Turned out to be not so simple.... a year and a half of trial and error. But we did it!
There are families who are unable from a modest budget to pay for a subscription. If You can support us, - support.
Попробовал на сайте добавить "мои устройства", но, к сожалению ничего не получается.
To start using you need to install the app on your phone https://harlik.com/download , who will keep track of and the second on the phone which will track. To track from the computer you need to log in qr- code.
The Internet should be turned on or GPS enough?
The Internet is absolutely necessary, otherwise phone will be the coordinates of the pass?!
Plans to finalize, so you can request a message to send, in case of lack of Internet
What is my phone number?
The binding via the phone number. So that You can add to track or give you the right to track, you need to make sure that you enter the number – your. Otherwise, you can specify the phone of a neighbor and his wife give you the opportunity to follow her.
In addition, according to the law for the operation of the functionality of the message transfer in the territory of the Russian Federation, we are obliged to identify the person.
Why you need the app to access contacts?
Access to contacts needed for ease of adding people to track, to use personal avatars, is downloaded person and to indicate who came out/included based on your phone book and not as he called himself.
Further, among those who explicitly give permission to use your contacts, plan to make the application definition caller. If access to contacts not provide, then you will only be able to create a private group and add people there by code group.